• The Pauly D Project #103 | Fools Rush In

      Fools Rush In

      Pauly has to deflect sloppy chicks in Vegas. Will he ever find a "true love"? Meanwhile Biggie and Jerry try to convince Ryan to limit his drinking for the sake of Pauly's career.

    • The Pauly D Project #104 | The Ring Toss

      The Ring Toss

      Pauly D and the gang face the hardships of love and other consequences when Pauly gets mixed up with a married girl in the Vegas club scene. And Biggie tells the boys he wants to pop the big question to Mary Jane.

    • The Pauly D Project #105 | The Troops Are Here!

      The Troops Are Here!

      Pauly and his boys must prove their mettle when they're asked to perform at an Army post for troops deploying to Afghanistan.

    • The Pauly D Project #106 | Where the Heart Is

      Where the Heart Is

      The boys are back home in Rhode Island where Pauly surprises an ailing fan. Biggie makes a huge decision. Jerry goes on a hot date and Pauly gets more than he bargained for when he visits an ex-girlfriend.

    • The Pauly D Project #107 | Spirits & Angels

      Spirits & Angels

      Back in the city of sin, the boys try to trick Biggie into going to a strip club, jeopardizing his relationship with MJ. Pauly prepares for his upcoming gig with a little help from above and then gets a surprise visit from Angel.

    • The Pauly D Project #108 | Spin City

      Spin City

      During Pauly’s set, Biggie gets annoyed with Ryan for giving Pauly alcohol. Biggie has finally hit his limit with Ryan’s antics. Meanwhile, Pauly’s ex-girlfriend Angel has the time of her life in Vegas.

    • The Pauly D Project #109 | A Good Impression

      A Good Impression

      Biggie has the ring ready, now he needs to ask MJ’s parents’ permission to marry their daughter. Pauly gets an invite from Planet Hollywood to have his hands imprinted and he brings the crew along for some fun in NYC.

    • The Pauly D Project #110 | Cents and the City

      Cents and the City

      Pauly meets with 50 Cent’s record label. But the moment is soured when Ryan bounces and the boys have to return to Rhode Island to patch things up. Once there, Pauly gets an unexpected call to play a major concert.

    • The Pauly D Project #111 | Divas, Diamonds and D****

      Divas, Diamonds and D****

      The boys fly to Puerto Rico for the trip of a lifetime – Pauly opens up for Britney Spears, the gang rages for Jerry’s birthday and Biggie finally pops the question.

    • The Pauly D Project #112 | PD Was Here

      PD Was Here

      On their last night in Puerto Rico, Biggie proposes to Mary Jane. Back in Rhode Island, Pauly contemplates his future offers and makes a surprise appearance to DJ the winter dance at his former high school.